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Once relegated to kids’ programming animation has grown up. Animated features now get wide distribution and critical acclaim, and animation TV series have a home in primetime. “As young animators back in the 70’s, we had high hopes for this overlooked medium. But in the last twenty years, those expectations have actually been surpassed.” says Ellen Besen, author of the new book Animation Unleashed: 100 Principles Every Animator, Comic Book Writer, Filmmaker, Video Artist and Game Developer Should Know (Michael Wiese Books, January 2009).

Ellen Besen is available for interview. Here’s just some of what she can discuss:

• Why animation makes it okay to laugh at tragic situations;

• Why she says the much-hyped animated features Wall-E and Kung Fu Panda are over-rated;

• How animation allows filmmakers to create alternative universes;

• Why so many live-action filmmakers are turning to animation and why hybrid films that combine live action and animation are the future;

• Why Waltz with Bashir, Persepolis, and other films show that animation is a wonderfulmedium for documentary and personal storytelling—and the best animated documentaries you’ve never heard of;

• Why she says the trend is that the animation technology keeps getting more sophisticated and the content keeps getting stupider;

• Her take on the Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Coroline, and other recent animated films;

• Why she says Freud would have had a field day with Betty Boop;

• What it’s like to be a woman in the male-dominated field of animation;

• Why digital filmmaking is the animator’s gain and the actor’s loss;

• Her picks for the best animated films ever;

• The surprising advice she gives all of her students.


Ellen Besen has been working in animation for over 35 years. Her work has been show in film festivals and venues across the globe, including MOMA and the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. Highlights of her career include directing award-winning films for the National Film Board of Canada, broadcast work on the topic of animation for CBC Radio (Canadian Broadcasting), and film curating for such organizations as the Art Gallery of Ontario. Besen is a former columnist for POV magazine and her film analysis workshops are featured regularly at the Ottawa International Animation Festival. She has written a popular series for Animation World Network on such topics as animation and analogy, and is currently the creative director of The Kalamazoo Animation Festival International. Besen was on the faculty of Sheridan College’s School of Animation for nearly 20 years and continues to teach the principles of animation filmmaking on an intensive one-to-one basis.





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