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Transformative Yoga: Five Keys to Unlocking Inner Bliss

Posted by >>>>> on October 21, 2009

Lorna Garano

How to find bliss using the ancient yogic theory of the five koshas

While yoga has become a mainstay of Western fitness and spiritual programs, few practitioners know about the yogic theory of the five koshas. That’s about to change. In TRANSFORMATIVE YOGA: FIVE KEYS TO UNLOCKING INNER BLISS  (with a foreword by Alanis Morissette, New Harbinger Publications, October 2009, paperback) Wade Morissette offers a complete series of postures, meditations, and breathing exercises based on the five koshas theory, which, when practiced regularly,  provide a route to deep awareness, clarity, and bliss.
Morissette also shares his compelling personal story of how he came to yoga. As the twin brother of superstar Alanis Morissette, Wade struggled to find his own identity and life path. Yoga and his eventual understanding of the five koshas showed him the way.
Morissette is available for interview. Here’s just some of what he offers:

  • THE 5 KOSHAS: KEYS TO UNLOCKING BLISS. “Despite several yoga-inspired trips to India and enlightenment lessons from various yoga masters, I first stumbled upon the kosha theory in a more everyday way: at the local library,” says Morissette. While browsing the Upanishads-a large, ancient Indian text-he found a description of the kosha theory. Kosha means sheath in English. According to the kosha theory, every person possesses five koshas or layers of energy. As you purify each layer, beginning with the physical and working inward you to move deeper into the essence of the soul and come closer to achieving inner peace, joy, and bliss. You also bridge the gap between physical and spiritual yoga to achieve a new level of mastery. It also unifies the physical and spiritual dimensions of yoga.
  • BEING ALANIS MORRISETTE’S TWIN: WADE’S STORY. Morissette first came to yoga when he was a university student struggling to find his identity in the shadow of his famous twin sister. He’ll share how yoga illuminated his life path and became his passion.
  • A DEMONSTRATION OF THE POSES. Morissette will provide an engaging and fun demonstration of the postures and exercises that he shares in Transformative Yoga.

Wade Imre Morissette has studied yoga for more than seventeen years with many of the world’s most influential yoga teachers, including Baba Hari Das, Sri K Pattabhi Jois, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, T.K.V. Desikachar, and the Krishnamacharya Lineage. He leads workshops, yoga teacher training, retreats, and mantra music evenings internationally. Morissette is director of teacher training and program operations at YYoga in Vancouver, BC, Canada, where he lives with his wife and two children. He also practices vipassana meditation and is a recording artist with Nettwerk Music Group. Morissette is the twin brother of popular musician Alanis Morissette.

“Wade takes us on a transformational journey into the self, from the external physical to the subtle energetic, emotional,
mental and blissful bodies that make up who we are.”
-Sharon Gannon, Jivamukti Yoga


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