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Veteran Screenwriter Available for Speaking Event

Posted by >>>>> on September 19, 2010


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Veteran screenwriter and producer Lawrence Meyers offers you keys for breaking into and succeeding in TV and film writing. He is available for a speaking engagement at your festival or conference.

Lots of people dream of breaking into TV and film writing.  They know they’ve got what it takes to write standout screenplays, but that’s not all they need for success. Lawrence Meyers, a veteran screenwriter, producer, and author of Inside the TV Writer’s Room: Practical Advice for Succeeding in Television (Syracuse University Press, 2010, hardcover) can give them the behind-the-scenes knowledge they need to make a career as a writer in Hollywood.

Meyers is a veteran writer-producer of episodic television and film. He has written for dramatic television programming across all genres. The shows he has worked on include Picket Fences (Story Editor), The Pretender (Executive Story Editor), Roar (Co-Producer; also starring then-unknown Heath Ledger), When I Grow Up (Producer), The Outer Limits, Andromeda, The Net and Crossing Jordon. He also sold two feature film scripts, Superkids (with legendary Marvel Comics icon Stan Lee as producer), and 1001 Nights (with Toby Jaffe as producer). He consulted on the groundbreaking documentary feature Villisca: Living with a Mystery, and is the author of Teacher of the Year: The Mystery and Legacy of Edwin Barlow. Meyers has studied under Oscar-winning director Robert Zemeckis (Forrest Gump, Contact, Beowulf, A Christmas Carol) and producer Lynda Obst (How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Abandon, Sleepless in Seattle), both of whom were instrumental in launching his screenwriting career.


Meyers will discuss:

  • No experience doesn’t mean no entry: How to get past your lack of a past
  • Why you have to start thinking of yourself as an entrepreneur
  • How to work with tyrannical showrunners, insecure writers, and stressed-out producers
  • Why it’s good news for young screenwriters that Hollywood’s financial model is broken
  • Why you need to understand the Hollywood Fear Cycle
  • Why knowing how to work in a team is as important as having great writing chops
  • And much, much more


Meyers is an accomplished public speaker who regularly presents at studios, film schools, and conferences. He resides in Los Angeles. Learn about all the topics he speaks about in his FreshEyes Seminar. (www.thewritersroom.tv/seminars.php)

To schedule Lawrence Meyers for a talk at your school, contact: Lorna Garano, lornagarano@gmail.com, 510-922-9765.


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