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New book reveals the biggest lies coming from the Right today

Obama is a Socialist; Taxation undermines the economy; Conservatives want to slash spending and reduce the deficit; “Entitlement programs,” like Social Security and Medicare are dragging down the economy; Illegal immigration is a major threat to our economy and way of life. The lies coming from the Right range from the silly to the subtle. Their purveyors are clowns like Glenn Beck and high-priced shills who pose as objective commentators. In his new book, THE FIFTEEN BIGGEST LIES ABOUT THE ECONOMY (AND EVERYTHING ELSE THE RIGHT DOESN’T WANT YOU TO KNOW ABOUT TAXES, JOBS, AND CORPORATE AMERICA) (Wiley, 2010, paperback) Joshua Holland blows the lid off of the most repeated, most publicized lies of the Right, and reveals their all-too-real consequences. “A new Gilded Age has emerged under a haze of lies, half-truths, and distortions,” he says.

Holland is available for interview. Here is just some of what he can discuss:

* THE LIE: Limited government means more freedom for you and me.

THE TRUTH: Limited government, (read: “fewer social programs and less regulation on industry”) means more freedom for corporate America to exploit you and me.

* THE LIE: Illegal immigrants keep wages low and taxes high.

THE TRUTH: Almost none of the rhetoric about how immigrants (legal or otherwise) hurt working people is supported by the data. Overall, they pay more in taxes than what they take in services.

* THE LIE: Republicans reduce government spending.

THE TRUTH: They spend like drunken sailors (with Visa cards)—particularly on the military and domestic surveillance programs. George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan were among the biggest of the big spenders, while Bill Clinton reduced the deficit for the first time in half a century. They only become frugal when it comes to spending on social programs that benefit the vast majority of the public.

* THE LIE: The “free market” is free, and everyone has an equal chance of winning it.

THE TRUTH: If only. The free market, i.e., an environment in which corporations and finance are unhindered by regulation gives license to greed and cronyism and erodes wages and working conditions. It always leads to financial hardship for the many and financial boom for the few.

* THE LIE: We have the best health care system in the world.

THE TRUTH: We spend a great deal more on health care than any other industrialized nation does, yet millions of Americans have terrible coverage—a 2008 study found that one in five people under the age of sixty-five was under-insured—and tens of millions more can’t get any health care outside of the emergency room.

* THE LIE: Tax cuts are the solution to our economic woes.

THE TRUTH: We are, in fact, under-taxed in this country and this has led to insufficient funding for infrastructure, education, and other essential services that result in jobs and economic stability.


Joshua Holland is a senior writer and editor at AlterNet, responsible for coverage of the economy, globalization, and immigration. AlterNet is a highly trafficked news portal with a readership of over two

million visitors per month.


“Who knew that the daily gusher of corporate myths and right-wing lies could be boiled down to just fifteen big ones? Holland and Team AlterNet toss up all fifteen for us and knock ’em out of the park,

while also teaching us how to detect any new twists they might throw out at us. What a handy book!”

—Jim Hightower, author of Swim against the Current

“A valuable antidote to the brazen lies, calculated deceptions, and vacuous sound bites of those who want to use our government for their own gain rather than to benefit us all.”

—David Cay Johnston, author of Free Lunch

“Most of the basic facts that people need to know about the economy are straightforward, as this book demonstrates. It is only the bad guys who make things complicated.”

—Dean Baker, author of False Profits

“Joshua Holland’s brilliant, data-rich, accessible, and in-your-face book, The Fifteen Biggest Lies about the Economy, should be required reading for every American livid about floating a political-financial

system that benefits powerful institutions and megalomaniac leaders.”

—Nomi Prins, author of It Takes a Pillage


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