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Sheehan, the author of the new book, The People’s Advocate: The Life and Legal History of America’s Most Fearless Public Interest Lawyer (Counterpoint Press, September 2013, hardcover), explains why today’s whistleblowers face unprecedented danger.

Cover-People's AdvocateDANIEL SHEEHAN, a principal lawyer behind The Pentagon Papers case and a number of other history-making cases says whistleblowers face unprecedented danger. “Daniel Ellsberg had protections that today’s whistleblowers like Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden, and Julian Assange can not count on,” says Sheehan. “The Patriot Act, which was passed in the wake of 9/11 and the National Defense Authorization Act, which Obama recently signed into law, have attempted to strip whistleblowers of their Constitutional right to free speech and journalists of their right to make important information available to our people and have attempted to lower the barriers against over-zealous government prosecution.

“Add to this the fact that 83 percent of today’s federal judges were appointed by Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush Sr. or Bush Jr., and that the Supreme Courts includes judges that are so reactionary that they are virtually certain to back any government position invoking “National Security”, no matter how unconstitutional, and you have what amounts to an attempted “open season” on whistleblowers and journalists. These statutes must be declared unconstitutional in more than just the Southern District of new York. We must rally our local City Councils and our local County Boards of Supervisors to establish “Constitutional Rights Zones” in our States….just as we, in the 1980’s, established “Nuclear Free Zones” to stop a federal government bent on increasing the number of private nuclear power facilities from transporting dangerous nuclear waste materials from private facilities through our neighborhoods. This “Patriot Act” and this “National Defense Authorization Act” call for militant civil disobedience on the part of our citizens…while we Constitutional Attorneys seeks ways of overturning these unconstitutional statutes in our Courts and in Congress.

Daniel Sheehan is available for interviews. Here is just some of what he has to say:

  • “No American citizen in his or her right mind should trust the honesty and integrity of the present American judicial system at this point in time.”
  • “The reason Snowden went to Russia and China was because he knew that those are probably the only two countries in the world that the US wouldn’t dare unlawfully enter with helicopter gunships to arrest him in violation of those country’s sovereignty.”
  • “I would be happy to defend Snowden if he were to be tried in absentia – while allowing him to participate in his defense via an internet hook up.”
  • “If Snowden and Manning had not gone public with what they had discovered in their official capacities, it is conceivable that they could have, one day, been tried under the Nuremberg Protocols for their having withheld and covered up their knowledge of our Executive Branch’s unlawful activities in violation of international law.”


Daniel Sheehan’s 40-year legal career is distinguished by his aggressive and successful work as a federal civil rights attorney. He graduated from Harvard College and then from Harvard Law School, where he cofounded the Harvard Civil Rights Law Review and he later returned to pursue his PhD studies at Harvard Divinity School in the field of Comparative Social Ethics. He was the President of the Christic Institute, as well as a Strategic Initiator in Mikhail Gorbachev’s STATE OF THE WORLD FORUM. He is still active in federal civil rights litigation and currently lives in Santa Cruz, CA where he teaches at the University of California.


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