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The Logan Symposium for Hacktivists and Journalists

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The Logan Symposium for Hacktivists and Journalists


London – November 20, 2014 – The Centre for Investigative Journalism (CIJ), with generous support from The Reva and David Logan Foundation, announces the inaugural Logan Symposium will take place from December 5-7, 2014 at the Barbican Centre, London. Speakers including Seymour Hersh, John Pilger, Charles Lewis, Laura Poitras and Lowell Bergman will discuss what the recent Snowden revelations mean for journalists and how hacktivists and investigative reporters can help each other better protect their sources and their work.

The Event

Held over three days, the Logan Symposium offers a forum for the sharing of ideas and debate around issues of surveillance, privacy and confidentiality. The aim is to find common ground.

Journalists will offer hacktivists a social and political context, and expertise in evidence-based storytelling. Hacktivists will offer insight into digital tools to protect journalists and their sources and disclose ways of accessing and exposing evidentially-based material. The exchange of expert advice and opinion offers both communities, and the public, an opportunity to gain confidence in dealing with cyber threats.

The practice of investigative journalism in a democracy will be front and center at this event. Speakers will engage in uncensored dialogue. What they say may surprise you.

The Symposium will live stream on its Web site: www.logancij.com.

In addition, the conference will also live stream a 3-day chat show produced by a team of young researchers and reporters  between the ages of 18 and 24; they come from diverse backgrounds and represent the future of journalism.

Speakers at the Symposium will include:

Seymour Hersh, Best-known American investigative journalist and Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Mai Lai Massacre and Abu Ghraib.

Laura Poitras (by Skype), Director of CitizenFour, the only film with Edward Snowden in Moscow, is a well-known artist, currently finishing a trilogy of films about post-9/11 America.

Jake Appelbaum, Computer security expert currently living in Berlin. Chief advocate of TOR, a free software network designed to provide online anonymity. Repeated target of US law enforcement agencies, co-founder of the San Francisco hackerspace Noisebridge and trusted confidant of Edward Snowden.

Charles Lewis, “New York Times” best-selling investigative author, founder of the Center for Public Integrity and author of 935 Lies – The Future of Truth and the Decline of America’s Moral Integrity.

Lowell Bergman, Former “60 Minutes” producer whose tobacco industry investigations formed the basis of the film ‘The Insider’ is The Reva and David Logan Distinguished Chair in Investigative Journalism at the Graduate School of Journalism at UC Berkeley.

Julian Assange (by Skype), Editor-in-Chief of WikiLeaks, published Chelsea Manning’s Iraq War and State Department cables, granted political asylum by Ecuador.

Duncan Campbell, Investigative journalist, prosecuted under the Official Secrets Act, who exposed the ECHELON surveillance program.

John Pilger, One of the best-selling investigative authors in the English language. Journalist, documentary filmmaker and critic of Bush, Blair, Obama and the mainstream corporate media.

Bernd Fix, Joined the world’s largest hackers organization, the Berlin-based Chaos Computer Club (the CCC) in 1986. He is a computer security expert and contributor to the Hacker Bible 2.

Nicky Hager, New Zealand investigative journalist whose home was raided by the police this month. He has authored six books, covering intelligence networks, environmental issues and politics.

Beatrice Edwards, Executive and International Director of the Government Accountability Project, the leading US whistleblower protection organization. She has extensive experience with labor issues, anti-corruption measures and public service reforms, and is author of the recently published The Rise of the American Corporate Security State: Six Reasons to be Afraid.

Ben Emmerson QC, UN special rapporteur on Counter Terrorism and Human Rights.

Jean Marc Manach, Investigative journalist at ZDNet, Le Canard Enchaine, Le Monde, Nova, author of blog Bug Brother, specialist in privacy, internet security and surveillance.

Richard Stallman, Author of the GNU/Linux operating system and staunch advocate of the Open Source development model.

David Mirza Ahmad, A leading expert in open source security research whose company is developing the Subgraph OS.

Contact Details

Website: http://www.logancij.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/cijournalism, #LoganCIJ14

Facebook: http://on.fb.me/11D1fdQ

Telephone: 510-280-5397

Email: lornagarano@gmail.com


Many speakers will be available for interview prior to the conference and at the event itself. Please contact lornagarano@gmail.com if you would like to arrange an interview. We will accommodate all requests schedules permitting. See bios here: http://logancij.com/speakers/.

The Centre for Investigative Journalism

The Centre for Investigative Journalism (CIJ) is a nonprofit that champions critical, in-depth reporting and the defence of the public interest. Gavin MacFadyen is the CIJ’s Executive Director, and brings to his work decades of experience in investigative research and film and television production. The primary mission of the CIJ is to provide a centre of excellence in the training of professional journalists, and to ensure that high professional standards in investigative reporting are raised and maintained. The CIJ offers particular assistance to those working in difficult environments where freedom of the press is under threat and where reporting can be a dangerous occupation. The founders and directors of the CIJ are motivated by a strong commitment to the principles of social justice, human rights, whistleblowing and the protection of the environment. More can be found here (logancij.com/about).

The Reva and David Logan Foundation
The Reva and David Logan Foundation is a Chicago-based family foundation that makes strategic grants in the fields of social justice, academic scholarship, the arts, and investigative journalism. The Foundation’s support for CIJ has enabled a wide range of activities, including worldwide trainings, an annual summer school for investigative journalists, and the publication of the Logan Handbooks covering Corporate Filings, Information Security, Investigative Photography, FOIA and Data Protection, and Factual Storytelling… with more to come. “The CIJ’s blend of training and advocacy coupled with their extraordinary commitment to the highest principles of journalism have time and again shown real impact,” says Richard Logan, foundation director.





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