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Nonprofit Newsrooms Are a Good Bet for Philanthropy

Posted by >>>>> on March 24, 2015


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Nonprofit Newsrooms Are A Good Bet for Philanthropy

Nonprofit news outlets are valuable assets to communities

throughout the US.

Encino, California — Today, nonprofit news outlets are a growing primary source of serious journalism in the US. The Voice of San Diego, ProPublica Texas Tribune, The Center for Public Integrity, to name but a few, have become beacons of reliable journalism that the public has come to depend on for high-quality, investigative and public interest journalism and analysis. The nonprofit newsroom is going to become an even stronger force in 21st Century media, and it relies on philanthropy to keep it growing, particularly in the formative stages of the start-up business cycle.

The Institute for Nonprofit News (INN), which only days ago changed its name from the Investigative News Network, is the only organization exclusively designed to provide training and services to nonprofit media outlets. Kevin Davis, CEO and Executive Director of INN says that philanthropy plays a vital role in nonprofit news—and that nonprofit news is crucial to many philanthropic missions.

“Nonprofit news has enjoyed critical financial support from philanthropic organizations, but it’s important to realize that it is a symbiotic relationship. Quality, in-depth journalism and data bring new insights and necessary focus to many of the civic and social missions in which philanthropy invests. Nonprofit news organizations provide benefit directly to the communities and people they serve in both the short and long term,” says Davis.

Kevin Davis is available for interview.


Kevin Davis is CEO and Executive Director of the Institute for Nonprofit News (formerly known as the Investigative News Network), a growing consortium of more than 100 nonprofit newsrooms producing investigative and public interest journalism. Davis oversees INN’s efforts to promote the sustainability of its member organizations, share best-practices and increase the impact of their reporting. He is a frequent speaker on entrepreneurial journalism and a regular contributor to the CrowdCheck column at NetNewsCheck.com.






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