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“They never mentioned it would be glued to my head.”

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Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000035_00022]As he hit his 30th birthday, MITCH FRIEDMAN, writer, improv comic and fledgling musician, felt he needed a boost—something that would make him feel better (much, much better)—about himself. Having once proudly possessed a full head of hair—a glorious “Jew fro” that had essentially vanished in a few short years, Mitch decided to get a “hair replacement” otherwise known as a hair system.

In HELL TOUPEE: MY RIDICULOUS YEAR WEARING A HAIR REPLACEMENT, (December, 2014, Paperback, $14.99) Friedman describes in detail – sometimes excruciating detail—how his life changed during the year he sported this new head of “hair.” As his story moves back and forth through time, it’s clear that his childhood, with two parents who came to hate each other, and divorced while he was a child wasn’t exactly a recipe for healthy self-esteem. Having a girlfriend, feeling confident among his peers—these things eluded him, and once he lost his full head of hair, his balding dome became a symbol of all that was wrong.

He signed on with a well-known company in New York City and started the $1500 process. Little did he know what he was getting into. “…a clump of wet, dark brown hair…had been expertly adjoined to the top side of an oval-shaped piece of vinyl mesh, bearing a resemblance to canvas one might do needlepoint on. Flipping it over to reveal its seedy underbelly, one could see that the mesh template was fortified with a solid strip of…one-inch wide plastic around its perimeter.”

It goes downhill after that. The color and texture of the system doesn’t match his remaining hair, and the daily struggle to wash and style it is an ongoing trial. “Well, now, not only did I have to wash my hair, but I also had to wash under my hair—and when I say under my hair, I mean under someone else’s.”

This frequently hilarious and vividly candid memoir, takes us from the 60s through the 90s and is set against the backdrop of the always difficult odyssey of growing up, from his childhood in a troubled family on Long Island to an early adulthood shaped by a litany of bad hair, bad jobs, clueless friends and a single girlfriend he loved…and lost.



High School Yearbook with "Jew Fro" --1981

High School Yearbook with “Jew Fro” — 1981











On stage with the "system" -- July 1993

On stage with the “system” — July 1993
















MitchFriedmanAUTHORb&wMITCH FRIEDMAN has been telling humorous stories for five decades, whether it has been as a funny kid, a comedy performer/monologist, exhibited ironic street photographer, award-winning quirky pop songwriter of five albums, or on the job as a film/video editor for the likes of Howard Stern and Ellen DeGeneres. Hell Toupee is his first book. He lives in Brooklyn. For more, including photos, audio and video, visit him at mitchfriedman-author.com.





by Mitch Friedman | December 2014 | 308 pages

ISBN: 978-0-9863008-0-6 | Paperback $14.99 | ebook $4.99 |

mitchfriedman-author.com | Facebook.com/MitchFriedmanAuthor | @mitch_friedman


  1. You had a full head of hair when you were a teenager, and lost it in your 20s. Did baldness run in your family?
  1. What prompted you to sign on with Head Restart for Men? Convincing ads? The only game in town?
  1. Once you realized the process was going to be uncomfortable and the pay-off would call attention to your hair more than simply your regular appearance, did you consider stopping?
  1. What is it with men and hair? Why do men think a full head of hair makes them look more virile, or more desirable?
  1. Since toupees, and hair transplants are relatively easy to spot, and thus stand out because the viewer knows they are fake, why do intelligent, active men persist in wearing them?
  1. Do you think your love life – and lack thereof during the year you wore the “system”—might have been different without the toupee?
  1. Did your life change after you stopped wearing it and came to terms with your appearance?
  1. Any advice for a thirty-something considering a similar scenario?

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  1. […] before and after pics of the author and of (gasp!) the “system.” And, read a Q and A with Mitch […]

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